Activities for Cultivating Compassion in Children Series

Virtual Activities (Community)

cultivating compassion in children - grandkids calling grandparents

  • Call an elderly neighbor or friend and ask how they are doing. Ask if they need anything.
  • Face Time a grandparent or someone you know at an elderly care facility. Ask how they are, what they are doing, tell them what you are doing.
  • Talk on the phone with your friends, classmate, team players and share ideas of what to do to stay active and what they are learning during this virtual only time.


Virtual Activities (Individual)

during coronavirus, kids can paint

  • Read
  • Play in your yard with family members only
  • Go for a walk but exercise social distance
  • Put together puzzles
  • Paint, color, do crafts
  • Organize your bedroom
  • Practice playing an instrument
  • Listen to music
  • Sit outside and enjoy nature
  • Clean up the yard
  • Look for online educational activities
  • Play board games and cards
  • Watch a good movie


Individual Activities

  • Shovel snow or rake leaves for a neighbor who may be old or disabled.
  • Play or eat lunch with someone at school that is alone.
  • Talk to a new player on your team or group and make them feel welcome.
  • Talk to your grandparents or an older friend or neighbor about what there favorite thing to do was when they were young.
  • Take a walk or hike and notice old things that are beautiful.
  • Notice people who have disabilities and think how it would be like to be them.
  • Ask people who are older or have a disability if you can help them.
    (i.e. open a door for them, carry a bag, reach something that is difficult to get)


Family Activities

  • Invite a neighbor you don’t know well over for a meal or dessert.
  • Make care packages (i.e. socks, mittens, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, hat,) that you can hand out to homeless and those in need.
  • Read stories or watch movies on topics of inclusion, acceptance, kindness, and the awareness of the impacts of aging, then discuss them.


Community Activities

  • Help at a Food Bank.
  • Go to a retirement home – interact with residence by having them read to you, play games with them, perform for them with some of your friends.
  • Actively participate in events that are against bullying.