April 1 is National Walking Day – Show Compassion while Social Distancing

During this time period of COVID-19 isolation, your child can and should still walk outside, in the yard, and maybe even within your neighborhood, exercising social distancing, of course. Help them understand the reasoning for this unnatural practice of intentional distancing. Encourage them to smile and wave if there are passerby’s, still while keeping their distance. This certainly isn’t a time to give people the cold shoulder or a snub. Some people are all alone in their homes and may need a warm smile from a child, as they pass by, 8 feet away. Let your child know their sacrifices of not playing on the playground and with friends now, is helping other people stay healthy and alive. It’s also helping keep fewer people in the hospitals so medical people can take care of their patients better.  Let the child know they should feel proud doing their part in this, as difficult as it is. Understanding the why and teaching them the affects on community, is a life long lesson.

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