Why is the Phrase, “I Am Enough,” Unsettling?

We hear or see the saying, “I am enough,” thrown around a lot now days. There are all forms of jewelry, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and other paraphernalia with the saying. Somehow, I “earned” a ring with that saying engraved. But am I enough? What does that even mean?

I believe this saying came about with the low self-esteem, self-worth many of us experience, young and old. Maybe we are exhausted trying to please others, trying to “be enough” for them, to please them, to earn their love? We often do not feel we are good enough and don’t feel accepted or that we belong.

This book, Can Old Be Beautiful, addresses how we try to change or cover our physical self to be “beautiful.” Whether we are five or 55, we struggle with “looking” ok to fit in, to be accepted, to be beautiful. We often fight the laws of nature thinking natural beauty isn’t good enough. Isn’t it? Let me tell you, it is enough. I am enough. You are enough. Maybe this is enough but let me take it one step further.  Can Old Be Beautiful?

I think when we take it further is where it gets confusing. Does “being enough” mean I am done? I don’t want to give into complacency and feel I have reached the top of my mountain. I think it’s important to continue to learn, grow, take on different challenges and experience new things until I die. Right?

Today, we are constantly striving for more.  But why are we striving for more? Do we feel “not enough” without something more or are we motivated to do more since it feels good and gives purpose and meaning to our lives to give more? Hopefully it is the latter.

I am a Christian and have been one all my life. It’s a scary thing to say now days. But that’s who I am. Me being a Christian doesn’t make me any better or any worse than anyone else, it’s just means I’m a follower of Christ. I was born a sinner and continue to be a sinner. But bottom line, I believe that “I am enough” only through the grace of God. I don’t “deserve” anything. Thankfully, God loves us like we love our own children, unconditionally, which gives us the gift of “being enough.”  This gift is for everyone, so you are enough, just like your neighbor is enough. Treat them as such, just as you should treat yourself as enough. And being enough doesn’t necessarily mean you have peaked. It means you are enough to continue to grow and bloom and spread your seeds so others can do the same as we live throughout the seasons of life together.

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