Love a Library Month

It’s Love a Library Month! There’s something about old libraries that I love, ones like Crested Butte Old Rock Library in Colorado! I visited there the day after I learned it’s “love a library month,” how coincidental is that!  This sweet library has the old town charm, being built as a schoolhouse originally in 1883, … Read more

Can You See Beauty in Old, Tarnished, and Worn Things?

Society Leads Us to Believe That Only Youth is Beautiful. I couple years ago I was told I needed  an anti-wrinkle cream to look beautiful, or at least, not ugly. It was an ad that popped in on my computer about a story of a little boy who had two grandmas. He called one his … Read more

Splash of Colorful Compassion

Do you cultivate roses in your garden? Let’s have fun. Did you know that the color of a rose has meaning or significance?  Valentine’s Day is less than a week away so maybe I need to brush up on this little detail.  I’d hate to send the wrong message although for me, I’m not picky, … Read more