Why Acknowledge and Cherish the Seasons of Life

Canning Jar

Preserving the Memories It’s time to save those memories. The practice of preserving and canning allows us to enjoy the harvest of our garden later. Likewise, there are memories and artifacts that we may want to save, preserve, and pass down to others regarding our compassionate child that we have cultivated. Late summer and autumn … Read more

How Weeding Out the Bad in Your Child’s Life is Like Weeding a Garden

Weed in Garden

Remove the bad to make room for the good Weeding is a critical part of gardening, just like it is in cultivating a compassionate child. Weeds in a garden choke out the plants, robbing them of needed nutrients to grow healthy and produce delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables, gorgeous flowers. Weeds can also choke out … Read more

How Sunlight to a Plant is like Energizing Compassion in a Child

Be the Inspiration of Compassionate Actions to Energize Your Child Plants need the energy from sunlight like a child needs the guiding light and direction to demonstrate compassionate action. Plants need light for photosynthesis which allows the plant to absorb energy through the chlorophyll in its leaves. It then converts this energy into food. A child needs … Read more

Why Seeds Need Air as a Child Needs Breathing Room – Exhale Compassion

Boy walking on log

Develop a Child that exhibits independence strengthening their ability to exercise compassion under outside influences Seeds need air to produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis. This allows them to grow and become strong enough to withstand harmful elements and produce beautiful flowers and fruit. Similarly, a child needs room to breathe, to … Read more

How to Water the Seed With Compassion – Sprinkle Them with Knowledge


Create A Mind That Has Many Branches A compassionate child requires being watered knowledge so they will grow and thrive in wisdom and good judgement. Knowledge, like water, is important to create and sustain a healthy and enriching life. Once a seed is planted in a child, water it. We know nothing can live without water. … Read more

Plant Perennial Seeds of Compassion That Grow Deep

Planting the Seed

A few weeks ago, I was at the grocery store picking up a couple items. I turned at the end of the long isle of canned goods while swinging my mini grocery cart  into the next isle. Right in front of me, bringing me to an abrupt halt, was an elderly lady sitting stationary in … Read more