Plant Perennial Seeds of Compassion That Grow Deep

Planting the Seed

A few weeks ago, I was at the grocery store picking up a couple items. I turned at the end of the long isle of canned goods while swinging my mini grocery cart  into the next isle. Right in front of me, bringing me to an abrupt halt, was an elderly lady sitting stationary in … Read more

The Conflicting Meanings of Humility

Is Being Humble a Virtue?  I am conflicted by the meaning of the word humble. My youngest daughter has always been a natural athlete. She played multiple sports in high school, including soccer, basketball, and several events in  track & field. In college, she played competitive soccer. Any form of skiing she has mastered from … Read more

Grow a Kind Child, Not a Bully

One of the best ways to grow a kind child, is to show acts of kindness. What a wonderful day to show acts of  kindness than on Random Acts of Kindness Day, February 17. Let’s get to the basics. Just what are some words of kindness? Some of my favorite words of kindness include attentive, … Read more

Splash of Colorful Compassion

Do you cultivate roses in your garden? Let’s have fun. Did you know that the color of a rose has meaning or significance?  Valentine’s Day is less than a week away so maybe I need to brush up on this little detail.  I’d hate to send the wrong message although for me, I’m not picky, … Read more

Focus on the Heart in February

When I think of February, I would think of Valentine’s Day with bright reds, white lace, crafts,  fancy treats, friends, and warm memories. It’s a time where we intentionally, and intentional living is one of my goals this year, make time to reach out and share our love for one another. The month of February … Read more