Mother’s Day – A time to acknowledge beauty in the old.

Can old be beautiful? Our society emphasizes youth and beauty, especially for woman. We may treat our hair to cover those grays, and use those creams to reduce the wrinkles. During this COVID-19 crisis, many of us are wearing hats and scarves since those gray hair lines are showing up as we have been unable … Read more

May Day Memories – Another Way to Show Compassion

I love May Day from memories of my childhood. May Day is of course, May 1. It was a time of year to welcome the return of spring and new life, after a Midwest winter. What was most exciting about May Day was, May Day baskets! I would make cone shaped baskets out of construction … Read more

Apr 28 World Day for Safety & Health at Work – Show Compassion

April 29 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work.  Our home is now our “work environment” for many professionals. Home is also kids “work” place, where they are doing their schooling. The home, yard, and neighborhood is their work environment and setting. So, especially with COVID-19, how do kids make their “work” environment … Read more

Nat. High Five Day – COVID15 Way of Showing Compassion

April 16 is National High Five Day. I miss exchanging with a little kid a high five and/or a hug after reading to them in a classroom or seeing them walking along the hallway or sidewalk. But we CAN still give high fives and it is needed now more than ever!  Help your child use … Read more

Sibling Day – A Great Day to Teach Compassion

National Sibling Day while at home with COVID-19, what a great time to teach your children compassion toward each other. Teach a child to give, share, care, help, guide, respect each other and their possessions, and most importantly, to love each other. Be an example. And since they are siblings, you care not only about … Read more

April Pre-sale: Shower a Child with Books on Compassion

Shower your child, grandchild, special friend or relative with books on compassion this month of April during the pre-sale. Order books here: The books are arriving the end of the month and ready to ship by May 1. Get an autographed book, free book mark and free shipping!   I’m Not A Weed is a … Read more