April 1 is National Walking Day – Show Compassion while Social Distancing

During this time period of COVID-19 isolation, your child can and should still walk outside, in the yard, and maybe even within your neighborhood, exercising social distancing, of course. Help them understand the reasoning for this unnatural practice of intentional distancing. Encourage them to smile and wave if there are passerby’s, still while keeping their … Read more

Today is National Doctors’ Day – Be an example of compassion

Doctor with patient - COVIS-19

Today is National Doctors’ Day. Thank you to all doctors for their passion and care in healing others! Especially on this day in 2020, thank-you to those doctors on the front line in this battle against COVID-19. Your long hours, dedication and risking your health and your family’s health, is more than commendable! Parents, share … Read more