Splash of Colorful Compassion

Do you cultivate roses in your garden? Let’s have fun. Colorful RosesDid you know that the color of a rose has meaning or significance?  Valentine’s Day is less than a week away so maybe I need to brush up on this little detail.  I’d hate to send the wrong message although for me, I’m not picky, any rose received would be accepted with open arms and gratitude. Red roses are a typical Valentine bouquet, but just what does a red rose mean?  According to gardenersnet.com,  below are the meanings of color of roses. They are not sure who originally defined these colors, so feel free to add your own interpretation and tweak it a little to adjust to your situation.

Red – Nothing sends the message of love more clearly, than a red rose. Make that a dozen! The meaning of this rose color is quite clear. Red roses represent love, beauty, passion, courage, and respect.

White – White is the color of purity and innocence. It also represents silence or secrecy, reverence, and humility.

Pink – Appreciation, “Thank you”, grace, perfect happiness, and admiration.

Dark Pink – Send roses of this color to show appreciation or gratitude

Light Pink – Admiration, sympathy

Yellow – Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, freedom, the promise of a new beginning

Orange – Admiration, desire, enthusiasm, fascination

Red and White – Given together, signify unity

Two of my favorite colors of roses are orange and lavender.  According to the information above,orange rose an orange rose means admiration, desire, enthusiasm, and fascination, But what does a lavender rose mean.  I Purple rosefound lots of meaning for a lavender and purple rose. A lavender rose means feminine, graceful, elegant. It’s spiritual color represents increased calmness, love, honesty, kindness, inner peace, truth, emotional depth and devotion. A dark blue symbolizes self-worth and intellect. The darker color of purple represents royalty. It relates to the imagination and spirituality and is the union of body and soul creating a balance between our physical and our spiritual energies.

Now I’m confused. If a person gives me an orange, lavender or purple rose, does it mean they are giving it to me because they think  I like that color, or because of the meaning or significance of the color? I never have put so much thought into a color of a rose. Just know that if I give you a rose, it’s probably because of any of the above descriptions, or more likely, I just like the color and thought you would, too.

Surround Us With CompassionSo many words of compassion in these rose color meanings, like love, respect, passion, gratitude, honesty, kindness, peace, truth, and appreciation. Let’s throw these colorful rose petals up in the air and let them float down around us and let their meaning and beauty bloom into action!

What’s your favorite color rose? What colors of compassion can you spread?

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  1. My favorite rose color is dark pink. Not only do I love the vibrant color, I love its meaning: appreciation and gratitude. May dark pink roses always remind me to focus on who and what I am grateful for!

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