First Place Royal Dragonfly Award – Growing Compassionate Children: A Grower’s Guide

Growing Compassionate Children: A Grower’s Guide which was released in August, received FIRST place in the 2021 Royal Dragonfly global awards under the Parenting category. This recognition was announced on November 30. The Royal Dragonfly Book Award  honors excellence and creativity in all types of genres.  Royal Dragonfly First Place

This book, which is a book for parents or parents-to-be, is available on Amazon and has been price reduced for the holidays! Click on this Growing Compassionate Children with Awardlink for puchase:

This is not your typical parenting book.  It is a fun, engaging and thought provoking read good for prompting discussions between parents and friends.

It is a compilation of blogs in the twelve steps of cultivating a compassionate child with a poem, highlighted quotes with drawings and pictures of kids being kids with each step. Thanks to Rebecca Finkle for designing a book that will be cherished by many.

Here are a few quotes from the book:

“Knowledge is powerful. Knowledge reduces fear. Knowledge leads to greater understanding which can also lead to a more compassionate human race.”

“Fertilize your child through communication and different experiences so they can gain the nutrient richness of the soil.”

“While waiting for that garden to grow, you still need to be diligent. You must continue watering and weeding and ensuring that the plants are protected from harm.”

Synopsis of the book: The world needs more compassion and where else to start, than with raisingBack Cover compassionate children.  This book includes twelve steps of “growing” compassionate children, a Grower’s Guide. It follows the steps needed to grow a healthy plant, starting with preparing the soil, where a plant can be deeply rooted in solid healthy ground, like a child growing within a strong foundation made up of positive values and principles. There are stories and topics addressing the impacts of societal issues such as the use of social media, anger, mental health, and violence to focusing on acts of kindness and making this world a better place for all. The topics are diverse and include math and science concepts as they apply to plants and growing compassionate children.  It talks about the importance of knowing, understanding, and preserving our roots, where this knowledge and increased understanding leads to a more compassionate child.


Order your book now! It’s great as a gift book,  or for a coffee table, baby reveal, baby shower, or stocking stuffer.

Sonja Wendt

Enhancing children’s sensitivity in human interactions one story at a time.

Sonja Wendt

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  1. Congratulations, Sonja! All your time and effort is being recognized in this award. I hope it helps with sales of your book. It’s not easy to recognized. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Sonja! Your award-winning book offers practical suggestions for increasing compassion in children. Well done!

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