How are Intergenerational Groups of People and Floating Bubbles Alike?

How do bubbles and people compare? August 3, 2022 was another Intergenerational Reading & Seeding Event at Keystone Place at Legacy Ridge, Westminster Colorado.  We kicked it off by watching bubbles float while children described them.  We heard:

  • They are pretty
  • There’s so many
  • They have different colors
  • They are different shaped
  • I can see through them
  • Some are bigger than others
  • Some are flying higher
  • Some are older and flying away
  • One just popped
  • I love bubbles

Then we asked how you describe the older people around them compared to themselves.  We heard:

  • They are older
  • They have gray hair
  • They have wrinkles
  • I think they are smarter
  • They look like they’re nice
  • They are smiling at us

So how are the bubbles like people? We learned that:

  • We are all different
  • We all are pretty
  • Some of us are big and some of us are small
  • Some have been around longer
  • We love all people

This was the beginning of another event with an Intergenerational/Inclusive story with a local author, related craft, and snacks with children ages 4-8, seniors, and a couple generational groups in-between.  It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood on the porch of Keystone Place strengthening self-image, self-identity, and spending time with different generations.

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