How Exploring American History Can Increase Children’s Compassion and Understanding

It’s Memorial Day Weekend – Share the Stories

America the beautiful along with all the freedoms it offers us. These freedoms were the results of others before us, those who lost their lives while defending our country. That’s what Memorial Day is about, recognizing those who unselfishly gave up their lives for others to have a better life, here in America.

Co-generation, or intergenerational collaboration, brings young and old together to bridge understanding and comprehension in something such as Memorial Day and what it represents. Educate your children so they are aware and understand how others gave up their own lives for them. Especially today, where we see destruction by our own fellow country men and women, show your child, teach your child how fortunate they are to live here. Ask a person who has risked their life, their families’ lives, to come here, to America, for peace and hope.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, what are you and your family doing? There will be time with extended family, barbecues, camping, hiking, going outdoors to binging on favorites Netflix series and catching up on reading your favorite books, to maybe just catching up on rest and relaxation! All of these are wonderful things to do! But it’s Memorial Day weekend. Why not attend a local Memorial Day event such as a parade, ceremony or service to observe, learn, and participate in honoring the fallen soldier, especially bringing those of the younger generations. Take advantage of these learning opportunities. Bridge the gap between the young and the old. 

Check your local community for Memorial Day events. Your child will be intrigued by old war jeeps, uniforms, and even wartime weapons. Have your child interact with vets participating in these events, ask them about their experiences.  Look at the ages of people attending and sponsoring these events. Listen to the bands and the music and what it means. Reflect on the sound of  Taps and the intense meaning it has for those who lived through war, destruction, and loss.

Generation to generation, share our history, learn about it, interact with each other. “Co” means together in Latin. Contemplate collaboration, contribution and connection in your community. It increases compassion for cohorts, companions, and  congregations of people in our amazing country.

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