Why Seeds Need Air as a Child Needs Breathing Room – Exhale Compassion

Boy walking on log

Develop a Child that exhibits independence strengthening their ability to exercise compassion under outside influences Seeds need air to produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis. This allows them to grow and become strong enough to withstand harmful elements and produce beautiful flowers and fruit. Similarly, a child needs room to breathe, to … Read more

Why Welcome Some Weeds into Your Garden of Life?

Weed Appreciation Day Holiday Have you ever had a child run up to you with a beaming smile on her face holding up a fistful of yellow dandelions? That child sees the beauty in the bright yellow color and is filled with wonderment and excitement in offering you this wonderful bunch of flowers, or are … Read more

In Honor of Joe – Understanding the Big Picture

Learning about Joe’s as Joey Learns about Aging and Disabilities There is a U.S. National holiday, called Joe Day, always on March 27.  Who would have known! I didn’t until a couple months ago, but once I found out, I was so excited! I could share with you one of my favorite book characters who … Read more

How To Boost A Child’s Self Image Through Metamorphosis

Constant Communication and Engagement to Monitor A Childs Mental State Metamorphosis is about transformation. This is a phenomenal part of nature to see literally unfold, watching a caterpillar transform into a delicate and beautiful butterfly. March 14 is National U.S. Learn About Butterflies Day so let’s talk butterflies and transformation. What may sound unrelated, teen  … Read more

How to Water the Seed With Compassion – Sprinkle Them with Knowledge


Create A Mind That Has Many Branches A compassionate child requires being watered knowledge so they will grow and thrive in wisdom and good judgement. Knowledge, like water, is important to create and sustain a healthy and enriching life. Once a seed is planted in a child, water it. We know nothing can live without water. … Read more

Plant Perennial Seeds of Compassion That Grow Deep

Planting the Seed

A few weeks ago, I was at the grocery store picking up a couple items. I turned at the end of the long isle of canned goods while swinging my mini grocery cart  into the next isle. Right in front of me, bringing me to an abrupt halt, was an elderly lady sitting stationary in … Read more

The Conflicting Meanings of Humility

Is Being Humble a Virtue?  I am conflicted by the meaning of the word humble. My youngest daughter has always been a natural athlete. She played multiple sports in high school, including soccer, basketball, and several events in  track & field. In college, she played competitive soccer. Any form of skiing she has mastered from … Read more

Grow a Kind Child, Not a Bully

One of the best ways to grow a kind child, is to show acts of kindness. What a wonderful day to show acts of  kindness than on Random Acts of Kindness Day, February 17. Let’s get to the basics. Just what are some words of kindness? Some of my favorite words of kindness include attentive, … Read more

National Seed Swap Day – Swap in the Good Seeds

Seymore and Serina Seed, from the Cultivating Compassion in Children’s series, are so happy to discover there is a day about them! Yes, January 30, the last Saturday of January, is National Seed Swap Day. What is Seed Swap Day, you may ask? More on that in a bit.  First, Seymour and Serina Seed would … Read more

Teach Compassion – Show Compassion

Never is there a better time to talk to your children about compassion, understanding, love, empathy, and kindness. Never is there a better time to have your child show compassion, understanding, love, and kindness. What can you do to teach your child? Here is an idea I saw posted: Sonja Wendt Enhancing children’s sensitivity in human … Read more