Focus on the Heart in February

When I think of February, I would think of Valentine’s Day with bright reds, white lace, crafts,  fancy treats, Heart for Februaryfriends, and warm memories. It’s a time where we intentionally, and intentional living is one of my goals this year, make time to reach out and share our love for one another. The month of February is American Heart Month.  It’s so much more than one day, Valentine’s Day. It’s focusing on the heart and what it requires to keep it healthy. The heart and what it symbolizes has become more apparent to me during this past year of a pandemic, where physically and emotionally, our hearts and health have been Lucas Need a Heartjeopardized. Then this week, I  just learned from a friend, a friend that looks amazing and is physically active, that she has major heart disease. It’s heredity in her situation.  Shortly after hearing from this friend, I read on Facebook from another friend a post about little three year Lucas, her nephew,  who is struggling for his life. Bottom line,  this little guy needs a new heart, now! This has brought new meaning to heart month and its importance.

My oldest daughter is a health coach, and she reminds me regularly, motion is the lotion, mom. She is Broken Heartright, it is so important to get physical exercise daily.  It is also important to eat healthy and maintain other healthy habits like being at a healthy weight and not overusing alcohol and drugs and always keeping hydrated.  Our emotional health is also critical to a healthy heart. This means connecting Wear Red Daywith people for support and fun! I have seen many broken hearts this past year as people were shut in protecting them from getting sick physically with COVID, from remote schooling to senior living facilities. It’s a cross generational issue.  We have seen how this emotional detachment and reduced connection to family and friends has  contributed to physical and mental illness as their hearts ached for companionship. People need to be aware and address both their physical and mental health to feel  good and have a happy, healthy heart, leading to a happy, healthy life. The first Friday of this month is Wear Red Day to bring awareness  to heart disease. Wear your red! Awareness is the first step.

Compassion QuiltI like to bring awareness to children about something that also touches their heart, and that is compassion.  I do this through reading and discussion on confusing and difficult topics and situations. I have a Compassion Quilt that I share with children at my book readings. It’s stitched together with patchwork hearts and has words of compassion embroidered on it.  It seems appropriate to share this quilt with you during Heart Month.  Can you find some of the words of compassion on this quilt? What words of compassion will you act on to help keep your heart and the heart of others you love, healthy?

Sonja Wendt

Enhancing children’s sensitivity in human interactions one story at a time.

Sonja Wendt

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  1. This February, I want to focus on the compassion quilt word, kind. Sometimes, it’s hardest to be kind to those we love and spend the most time with!

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