Two books in the Cultivating Compassion in Children’s Series win the 2022 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD (IPA).  The parenting book, Growing Compassionate Children: Grower’s Guide, wins the IPA Distinguished Favorite in the Parenting & Family Category.  Children’s book, Can Old Be Beautiful, wins the IPA Distinguished Favorite in the Children’s: Inspirational/Motivational. The competition is judged by … Read more

Love a Library Month

It’s Love a Library Month! There’s something about old libraries that I love, ones like Crested Butte Old Rock Library in Colorado! I visited there the day after I learned it’s “love a library month,” how coincidental is that!  This sweet library has the old town charm, being built as a schoolhouse originally in 1883, … Read more

New Book is Available – Growing Compassionate Children: Grower’s Guide

Growing Compassionate Children

The latest book, which is a book for parents or parents-to-be, is available on Amazon! Click on this link:  https://bit.ly/AmazonGCCBook It is a compilation of the blogs in the twelve steps of cultivating a compassionate child with a poem, highlighted quotes, and adorable pictures with each step. Thanks to Rebecca Finkle for designing a book that … Read more

Happy Dance – Last Two Books Published Receive Book Award

The last two books published in the Cultivating Compassion in Children Series, What’s Wrong With Grandpa and BaBa-Balu Belongs, Too win the Purple Dragonfly Award, an award for Children’s Books. BaBa-Balu Belongs, Too won honorable mentions in three categories, LGBT,  School Issues, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This book is a story about a monarch … Read more

Why Acknowledge and Cherish the Seasons of Life

Canning Jar

Preserving the Memories It’s time to save those memories. The practice of preserving and canning allows us to enjoy the harvest of our garden later. Likewise, there are memories and artifacts that we may want to save, preserve, and pass down to others regarding our compassionate child that we have cultivated. Late summer and autumn … Read more

How Weeding Out the Bad in Your Child’s Life is Like Weeding a Garden

Weed in Garden

Remove the bad to make room for the good Weeding is a critical part of gardening, just like it is in cultivating a compassionate child. Weeds in a garden choke out the plants, robbing them of needed nutrients to grow healthy and produce delicious and nutritious fruits, vegetables, gorgeous flowers. Weeds can also choke out … Read more